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Video time! Speed coloring with Copic Ciao.

KiKi Koy March 21, 2019

This is a video I published a couple of weeks ago.

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What is "photography"?

KiKi Koy January 31, 2019

Photography had always had a big part in my life, I try to catch every single important moment in my life, but my real insterest...

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Happy New Year!

KiKi Koy December 31, 2018

My baby-Penny (Pentax K-S2) is always with me, I would take her to bed with me, if it wasn't dangerous for HER safety [LOL].

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A humble tribute...

KiKi Koy November 13, 2018

Just for fun, I made this video while I was doodling. The video quality couldn't have been wors [LOL] but it was just a hurry try.

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Poetry in a photography.

KiKi Koy May 18, 2018

Such a beautiful thing to express emotions with images, that's what photography means to me, just like any other kind of ART.

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